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Better balance

Better precision!

Prostick® Division Balance is the evolution and perfection in manufacturing premium drumsticks, delivering high quality drumsticks to improve your musical performance.
Manufactured with Genuine Hickory American, wood more used in the manufacture of sticks, is the preferred among the drummers of the world. Due high power of impact absorption, density, weight and rigid, thus reducing hand and wrist fatigue.Prostick® Division Balance Quality Control
Premium Drumsticks - Selected Wood - Genuine American Hickory - Precision balance.
Weight Paired: the most accurate pair in the world, equal weight between sticks of the same pair, tolerating no difference greater than 1 gram in pair balancing.
For each pair the weight difference between each drumstick should not be more than 1 gram. All this so that you drummer has the most balanced pair in the world.
Selected Wood: all the woods we use has dried in natural process for more than 3 years, guaranteeing the stability of Prostick® drumsticks.
Veins and wood color is carefully selected by hand and tested to meet the highest quality standard, this way each pair of sticks have the same appearance. We also use the technology to scan the wood, preventing the internal crack, ensuring that each pair of Prostick® drumsticks have excellent durability.
Shaft: finalizing this process we have the alignment and scrolling tests.
Tone paired: the difference in tone between each pair of drumsticks is not more than 5 Hz, providing the same tone between the pair of Prostick® drumsticks.
The body and shoulders of Prostick® drumsticks ensure perfect balance between attack and rebound, as drummers have preference for these two types of balance.
Tip and neck of the drumsticks offer full cymbals and drum sounds without excess volume. The specially designed wood tip and neck can significantly increases the clarity and definition of each note, without being overbearing Finish: natural, lacquer thin, allows better grip between the hand and the drumstick.

Premium Drumsticks 

Selected Wood 

Genuine American Hickory 

Precision balance.

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